This page outlines our approach to our work.

In our every shifting digital and political environment we're expecting change. Don't hesitate to suggest amendments to what we say here.


  1. Union Systems works for exclusively for Trade Unions. We make this choice because of our political preference and our work history.
  2. Respond to client requests as quickly as possible depending on our assessment of the relevant issue urgency
  3. Complete projects within committed timeframes and tell clients immediately these timeframes are under pressure to change.
  4. Do not pretend to have expertise in any particular area outside of our skill set
  5. Never share individual client information or knowledge with any third parties including other clients
  6. Never share individual clients membership or website data to any third parties including other clients


  1. Enthuse, promote and dream but do not bullshit our clients
  2. Admit ignorance when we do not know something


  1. Observe all national or international laws, standards and obligations


    1. Never use website cookies without seeking permission from website visitors.
    2. Never use website cookies to track clients activity outside of the current website.
    3. Redirect website visitors to another website without their knowledge
    4. Harvest data from website visitors without their knowledge


    1. Use existing website templates if possible to reduce client costs but e will always inform the client of their use
    2. Maintain all standard W3C compliant HTML. Javascript and CSS
    3. Apply, where feasible, Web Accessibility standards of W3C as per


    1. Never attempt to manipulate search engine results to achieve false results
    2. Expose as much relevant meta data to enable appropriate search results for a given web page and site
    3. Never claim to attain a certain level of search result ranking, To do so would misrepresent any 3rd party capacity to influence independent search engines


    1. Union Systems is a combination of full time employees and project based contractors
    2. The Union Systems team are each appropriately qualified and experienced in their role
    3. Remuneration for each team member is based on relevant awards
    4. Union Systems offers a friendly, safe and healthy workplace
    5. All staff members are free to choose working at the UnionSystems office or from there own location and digitally collaborate
    6. We support balanced life and work.